Background: Epilepsy is a neurological disorder with a strong presentation worldwide. It is imperative that the health inequities tied to epilepsy are assessed and accounted for. Further, it is vital that healthcare providers are familiar with such inequities to supplement appropriate care for patients. We intend to complete a scoping review of current literature surrounding health inequities in epilepsy while providing recommendations for future research.

Methods: During July of 2022, we searched MEDLINE and Ovid Embase to find published articles pertaining to epilepsy and health inequities. Authors received training then screened and data extracted in a masked, duplicate manner. Studies published within the timeframe of 2011-2021 in all countries were deemed appropriate. We screened 5,325 studies for titles and abstracts, then 56 studies for full text. We evaluated the inequities of race/ethnicity, sex or gender, income, occupation status, education level, under-resourced/rural, and LGBTQ+. To summarize the data and descriptive statistics of our study, we used Stata 17.0 (StataCorp, LLC, College Station, TX).

Results: We obtained a sample size of 45 studies for study inclusion. The most reported health inequities were income (18/45, 40.0%), under-resourced/rural (15/45, 33.3%), race/ethnicity (15/45, 33.3%). The least reported health inequity was LGBTQ+ (0/45, 0.0%).

Conclusion: The findings of our study suggest that gaps exist in literature concerning epilepsy and inequities. The inequities of income status, under-resourced/rural, and race/ethnicity were examined the most while LGBTQ+, occupation status, and sex or gender were examined the least. With the ultimate goal of more equitable and patient-centered care in mind, it is vital that future studies endeavor to fill in these determined gaps.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 17 Feb 2023
EventOklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Research Week 2023 - Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, 1111 W. 17th street, Tulsa, United States
Duration: 13 Feb 202317 Feb 2023


ConferenceOklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Research Week 2023
Country/TerritoryUnited States
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  • epilepsy
  • inequities
  • sex
  • gender
  • race/ethnicity


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